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Is eating a cesar salad better than eating no salad at all? Or does the dressing and iceberg lettuce make it not worth it.


The iceberg lettuce is the healthiest part of a Caesar salad. There is a myth that iceberg lettuce is less nutrient-dense than other types of lettuces. The reason it appears lower in nutrients is because it’s richer in water, meaning that if you compare it with another type of lettuce using the same weight for both lettuces there’s less room for nutrients in the iceberg lettuce because it contains so much water. But it’s so low in calories that you can eat more iceberg lettuce to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals that in another kind of lettuce. 1 cup of iceberg lettuce is only 10 calories. 

The ingredients that add the most sodium and calories in a Caesar salad are: 
- the croutons
- the parmesan cheese
- the dressing 

These are the foods that you may want to limit or get rid of in your salad. (The croutons especially are the worst when they’re very oily and salty; they usually provide no good carbs or fibers whatsoever).

Bright and colorful mango red onion quinoa salad found on this blog

Spring salad with labneh

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