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A free workout program (for beginners -workouts are very short). Comes with a workout calendar:

Hi thanks for this great blog. I have a busy schedule this semester and really feel too burnt out to work out in the afternoon/evening. I want to start working out in the morning. Everything I've read says it's not good to work out on an empty stomach. What do you recommend for a morning workout? And do I really have to eat a whole hour before starting a workout? Thanks!


Hi! It depends on your personal preferences. I personally cannot imagine working out on an empty stomach because the first thing I think about everyday when I wake up is breakfast. I’m the kind of person who gets irritable and hypoglycemic if I skip a meal or if a meal is delayed. But I know many people who feel like the food in their stomach slows them down when exercising early in the morning. It’s an eternal debate with pros and cons:


Fitness model Alicia Marie published a video about it a few days ago:

I personally agree with her; it’s better to eat something small to avoid breaking down muscles, but if the empty stomach works for you and you’re seeing results, go for it.

Eating something small only 20-30 min before your workout shouldn’t be a problem if you avoid foods that are high in fat (like for ex peanut butter) before your workout as they are slow to digest.

A video by fitness model Alicia Marie answering the question “I do a lot of cardio but I don’t see my body getting tighter?”

How to grow your butt by fitness model Alicia Marie

How to get a creaseless butt 

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