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I live in a 8 story building and don't really have the resources to go to an actual gym, so could going up and down the stairs be considered a workout exercise ? Is it good for the thighs ? What else would you recommend ?


Hello Alina,

Yes, that sounds like a terrific idea! I’m envious of your 8-story building! I wish I could do a good stair workout somewhere (there’s no stairmaster at my gym!). “Is it good for the thighs?” …. :D if you push yourself it’s gonna be a thigh killer!! Here are a couple of workout suggestions, but the possibilities are endless:

Interval training / cardiovascular conditioning workout
1- Warm up climbing to the 8th floor at a regular pace. Take the elevator to go down.
2- Climb at full speed to the 2nd floor, regular pace to the 4th, full speed to the 6th, regular pace to the 8th. Take the elevator to go down. 
3- Climb at full speed to the 8th floor. (Take a break if you really need to). Take the elevator to go down. 
4- Climb every other step (performing a lunge) to the 2nd floor, normal steps to the 4th, every other step to the 6th, normal steps to the 8th. Take the elevator to go down.
5- Climb at full speed to the 8th floor (this last round may be too much depending on your conditioning, it’s a pity I couldn’t test this workout myself ; add more rounds if this is too easy). Walk down the stairs as cooling down. 

Whole body strength training workout
1- Warm up doing stair repeats: climb one flight of stairs to the top, descend, and repeat for about 10 times. 
2- Climb every other step (performing a lunge) but stop at each floor to perform 10 push-ups. (If necessary, perform inclined push-ups with your hands on the stairs to make it easier). 
3- Walk down the stairs and stop at each floor to perform 20 air squats. 
4- Climb every other step again, but this time doing diagonal or cross-over lunges. Stop at each floor to perform 10 tricep dips on the stairs. 
5- Walk down the stairs and stop at each floor to perform 20 air squats (or jump squats or burpees if the workout is too easy).

Balance & agility workout
1- Warm up by doing toe taps on the first level of the stairs.
2- Bear crawls: bend forward and place your hands on the floor so that your weight is supported on your hands and feet equally. Moving your opposite hand and foot, remain on all fours and crawl up the stairs. [The only problem with this exercise is that if your neighbors see you they’re going to think you’re crazy -but who cares! :D]
3- Walk down the stairs
4- Backward climb: from the base of your flight of stairs, face the opposite direction. Climb them in reverse, being careful not to neglect balance (use the handrail). (Stop at each floor to do 10 burpees if this is too easy.) 
5- Walk down the stairs, stop at each floor to perform 30 mountain climbers. 

A few tips: 
- When performing lunges on the stairs, try to avoid leaning forward as you climb every other step ; maintain an upright position.
- Use your ipod and play an upbeat playlist. Stair climbing requires mental stamina to not feel discouraged looking at the stairs ahead when you’re beginning to get tired. Use your favorite music to push yourself when things are getting tough. 
- Don’t forget to stretch at the end.

Here’s a link with more stair workout ideas but you can find many more if you google “stair training”. 

And for even more stair workout inspiration:

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